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  • Coming soon. A day by day of my adventure to finally do what I’ve talked about for years an ‘LCD Christmas’. Why am I blogging it? Because accountability to the world thru this blog will motivate to finish this project (or humiliate  myself trying). I would love suggestions and help. I’ve driven LCD’s for 20… Read more
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Make a 3.5″ TouchScreen Color LCD project in Minutes! The Amazing arLCD combines the award winning ezLCD SmartLCD GPU and API with the Open Source Arduino UNO.

There is no easier or more cost effective way to have a touchscreen LCD in your Arduino project. Get a touchscreen LCD project up and running in minutes, not days for only $89.00.   A multitude of fonts, images, widgets and sample macros are included to get you going quickly! Widgets include: analog meter, buttons, checkbox, dial, radio button, slider, and others! Do not confuse this with a snails pace 2.8″ LCD shield that uses almost all your I/O pins! This is a full smart ezLCD GPU with the Arduino Uno R3 on the same PCB in a thin easy to integrate package with a panel mount bezel available in the near future. The 3.5″ has 64% more display area then a 2.8″ LCD. The ArLCD combines the Arduino and the award wining ezLCD into a single product ready to accept all Arduino compatible shields!

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